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Entry and Mid-level Managerial Coaching:

  • Is that young, high-potential individual contributor who you just promoted to lab manager killing morale among the technical staff, causing lowered productivity and increased absenteeism?
  • Is your former super saleswoman, recently promoted to regional sales manager, continuing to operate as an individual contributor by not leveraging her considerable skill set and knowledge across the organization?
  • Is the head of the largest part of your procurement organization antagonizing his peers and suppliers with his mindless focus on cost at the expense of everything else?
  • Are you looking for a way to avoid the pitfalls new managers face with your recently promoted, high-potential manager?

Leadership Team Coaching:

  • Is your leadership team, be it at plant, sales or operational level, not coming together in a way that creates a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts?
  • Is your leadership team “siloed”?
  • Is it unable or unwilling to ask the difficult questions of one another that lead to breakthroughs in performance?
  • Are your leadership team meetings more like one on one sessions with you while the others watch or work their PDA’s?


This is a custom service designed to reach a win / win outcome when all other avenues between the parties have resulted in stalemate or worse.

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